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Name:Rae "Sunshine" Seddon
Birthdate:Jun 21
Location:New Arcadia, United States of America
Friendly face at the local coffeehouse.
Lover of gormless old Other fiction.
Book-rummager and junk sale enthusiast.
Feeder of people.
Devout sun-worshiper.
Resident Cinnamon Roll Queen.
Mistress of the Orange-Date Teabread.
Registered chocoholic.
Unregistered magic-handler.
Unofficial SOF Agent.
Occasional vampire-sunshade.
More often vampire-slayer.

"This was now my life. Cinnamon rolls. Sunshine's Eschatology, seeing in the dark, charms that burned into my flesh where I could not lose them. A special relationship with the Special Other Forces, where not everybody was on the same side. A landlady who's a wardskeeper. Untidy closets. Vampires.

Get used to it, Sunshine.

Appearance: Tallish and skinny, with reddish hair, blue-green eyes. Likely to have smudges of flour on her hands, shirt, face, etc. Smells like cooking. Wears bright colors.

Scars and unusual physical features: On her upper chest, below her left collarbone, is a sickle-shaped knife scar. There is another scar around her neck, as though a very thin, red-hot necklace chain had been pressed against her skin. Her left arm shows a larger scar that looks like something fell down it fangs-first. Her shoulders, arms, back, knees and legs show more scars, though those are the miscellaneous scarring of fighting and falling on concrete without adequate protection. More subtle than her scars is the golden web of sunlight set into her skin, looking like a multitude of tiny pin-pricks of light in her skin and hair. This spell acts to draw the source of her power (sunlight) to her, even at night, and allows her to tap into her power more strongly than she could, unaided.

Talents: Sunshine is an expert baker with a devout love of feeding people - her baking borders on the phenomenal, and she loves seeing people enjoy it. She is also a self-taught magic-handler still learning her own limitations. She can allow a vampire to walk in sunlight without catching fire if she's holding on to him/her, and can kill a vampire with her hands where conventional weapons might not do any good. She can see in the dark as well as as she can in daylight, and is sometimes able to read the shadows on people's faces, giving her an idea of what sort of creature/person they are, whether they're lying to her, etc.

Element/Affinity: Sunlight

Counter-Affinity: Vampires - or, you know, general darkness

Rae "Sunshine" Seddon is from the book Sunshine, and is the property of the author, Robin McKinley. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. She is role-played specifically so the mun can share her love of Sunshine's canon with others, and encourage them to read it. Because it's awesome.

Interests (35):

baking, being normal, books, bread, bubble baths, chocolate, cinnamon rolls, classic vampire lit, collecting bruises, daylight, feeding people, getting bloodstains out of clothing, good quality flour, hiking, inventing desserts, long baths, magic, magic-handling, muffins, nowheresville, old books, other literature, playing with food, rummage sales, secretly being a vampire slayer, special other forces, spf ultimate plus, sunbathing, sunlight, surfing the globenet for other 'fo, the sun, transmuting, vampires, vegetarianism, worrisome genetics

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