Jul. 13th, 2013 01:14 pm
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"There won't be any cinnamon rolls for a while, you know?"

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Shawn had insisted that the couch at the Psych office was perfectly comfy - and he was more or less right. Sunshine hadn't been in any condition to complain, in any case - once she had accompanied Shawn and Juliet through to their world and things had been arranged, Rae had unceremoniously crashed. Even though she was still sick with fear and jumping at her own shadow, exhaustion won without even a fight.

Only once in the night had she been awakened, by a nightmare she forgot upon waking, to find herself in a strange room in an unwarded building, with the strange, salt smell of the ocean in the air. It had taken her a while to get back to sleep even after she'd remembered where she was, and that there was nothing to ward against here.

Sunshine had reawakened hours later with the early morning sun from the wide front window on her face, feeling, for the first time in weeks, more rested when she awoke than when she had gone to sleep.

And with a new world outside.

Rae got up quickly and went to the bathroom in the back to change. Her hair wasn't a problem - it tended to look better if she didn't brush it that often, anyway. Once she felt presentable, or at least prepared to go exploring, she came back into the front room and folded the sheets and blankets from the couch on top of the pillow she'd used. Snagging a pen and a piece of paper from one of the desks, she leaves a quick note on the coffee table.

Gone exploring. Will be back soon!


With that, the baker goes out into the southern California sunshine.

Gone wrong

Aug. 26th, 2012 12:36 am
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The Nighthouse had originally been a gas station in Chesterfield, closed and abandoned even before the Wars had turned that part of the city into what came to be known as Whiteout. But one of Mel's old biker gang had it re-purposed and set up as a bar shortly after the area finally had been deemed "safe" for human habitation again. It was Mel's favored hangout when he didn't have the evening shift at Charlie's, and when Sunshine was free in the evenings as well, she liked to sometimes accompany him. She didn't know enough of the subject of motorcycles to join in their discussions of ignition mixtures and piston resistance, but it was good to just... sit and drink beer with Mel and what was left of his old gang, and listen to the enthusiasts discuss their favorite topic. Nothing was expected of her, and Mel's arm around her waist was a reassuring weight.

The only problem with the Nighthouse was that, being an old gas station, it didn't have restrooms accessible from the interior of the building. Sunshine had excused herself from the table, and gone outside into the night. The light from the interior of the bar caused the crowd of parked motorcycles to gleam white-hot to her sight as she had circled around the building to the back.

The lone, high streetlight behind the bar was bright, the only source of light in the area, casting deep shadows from anything nearby.

Of course, that was what the vampire had been counting on. It hadn't been expecting its potential victim to be able to see it, lurking in the pitch-black shadow of the nearby dumpster. To be expecting the attack, and ready for it when it struck.
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A Sacrifice

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:54 am
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Continued here.
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