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When he and his wife divorced, Onyx Blaise kept custody of his daughter.

Raven Blaise grew up among her father's family, magic-handlers all. She was taught of her skill from a young age by her father, her grandmother, and later the masters she has been apprenticed to since she was ten. There was no disappearance of the Blaise family, but the Wars still happened. There is no coffeehouse in Raven Blaise's life; no cinnamon rolls as big as her head, either, though she does still like to dabble with recipes in the kitchen. There's something about it that is a lot like magic.

Raven is currently in her mid-twenties, and is currently nearing the end of her formal apprenticeship. She hasn't yet determined whether she will join one of the large wardmaking corporations or strike out on her own as a self-employed magic-handler, but she still has time to decide. The news is often pretty dire, even a decade after the Wars officially ended, but the future still seems pretty bright, to her.
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