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Apr. 17th, 2014 03:43 pm
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Four-thirty in the morning isn't a good time for most people. Sunshine had already been up for half an hour that Tuesday morning when she got to the dark and locked coffeehouse, but she was certainly not at her best and brightest. That would possibly happen after tea was procured.

She locked the door and re-set the alarm system after letting herself in, knowing that it would be another hour before Charlie came down to start opening the coffeehouse. A bare half an hour after that, their first customers of the day would be arriving and wanting cinnamon rolls. Rae automatically flipped on the light in her bakery as she set down her bag on the corner chair, as she always did.

Perhaps it was that part of her was still not yet awake - the sight of the mess took a moment to filter through to her. Sunshine kept her bakery clean as a rule, so the wrongness of the scattered bits and small broken things littering the floor was what hit her first. Not what the broken and shattered charms and amulets meant.

It became clear to her, however, the moment she spotted movement between the loaf racks and the counter. The shape was small, but coming towards her swiftly along the floor, shedding small pieces of the charms her mother had given her over the past few years, the minor wards and amulets her mother had hidden around the bakery in the hopes they would do Rae some good. Like a messy knot of crochet gone horribly wrong, they sought to stop the thing coming for her, breaking from their failed effort.

Sunshine backed up quickly - what they were trying to stop was no fellow ward. She knew a fetch when she saw one.
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